Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Titan Force - Titan Force (Full Length) (320)

Line-up :

Vocals: Harry "The Tyrant " Conklin (Jag Panzer, Satan's Host, Riot, Ballistic)
Guitars: Mario Flores
Bass: John Flores
Guitars: Bill Richardson
Drums: Stefan Flores

Colorado Springs in 1983, Mario Flores (g) his siblings John (b,v) and Stefan (d) got together to form a metal band. In the beginning the band was named Titan and released a 4-track demo tape a few months later. After the demo release the recruited Bill Richardson as a guitarist/keyboardist. This line up persisted a few years, before they managed to find a vocalist after renaming themselves to Titan Force. Harry Conklin, known for his work with Jag Panzer, joined Titan [...]

Review :

"Titan Force" is actually a "how to" metal album. It contains everything an album needs to be named as complete, name it riffs, haunting choruses, amazing vocal performance (all hail the Tyrant) or splendid rhythm section work. Titan Force balance miraculously between power and melody, technicality and directness, in a way that (in my humble opinion) only Sanctuary managed to at the time. Combining the 80's metal energy with the 90's metal intellect, "Titan Force" shines in the crossroads of two ages. Too bad it's not mentioned as equal in the same leagues of both straightforward heavy metal and technical prog/power. But it's OK. Whoever discovers this gem will know what I'm talking about.

1.Chase Your Dreams05:14[view lyrics]
2.Master Of Disguise05:06[view lyrics]
3.Lord Desire05:16[view lyrics]
4.Toll Of Pain06:36[view lyrics]
5.Will O' The Wisp02:34
6.Blaze Of Glory05:06[view lyrics]
7.Wings Of Rage03:14[view lyrics]
8.New Age Rebels06:05[view lyrics]
9.Fool On The Run06:05[view lyrics]
Total playing time45:16

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