Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cynic (US) - '90 Demo (Demo) (160)


Paul Masvidal - Guitar, Vocals
Jason Gobel - Guitar
Tony Choy - Bass
Sean Reinert - Drums

Cover Art by Jose Perez.
Recorded at Morrisound Studios.
Engineered by Scott Burns.
Produced by Cynic and Scott Burns.

Review :

It's really a shame Cynic didn't get signed early on their carreer, remaining an underground favorite releasing only demos for most part of their time together.

This demo shows a great improvement over the previous one. The three songs here are really amazing and show a band fully developed, a tech-thrash monster.

First of all, the musicianship is amazing. All players on the band are highly skilled. Sean Reinert already started to incorporate jazz influences here, and his drum lines are very intricate, aggressive and precise, althought not nearly as much as on his later work. Jason Gobel and Paul Masvidal deliver sharp aggressive riffs and very complex solos. The addition of Tony Choy on bass gave another dimension to Cynic, since he is a very skilled and creative bass player. Paul Masvidal vocals here are quite fun and far away from the "Focus" vocals. They're a raspy scream with a lot of work on diction. You can hear the words very clearly. His vocals remind me a bit of Sabbat's Martin Walkyer, but with not as much range.

1.Lifeless Irony04:09[view lyrics]
2.Thinking Being04:54[view lyrics]
3.Cruel Gentility04:34[view lyrics]
Total playing time13:37

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