Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cage - Hell Destroyer (Full Length) (320)

Line-up :

Sean Peck - Vocals
Dave Garcia - Guitars
Anthony Wayne McGinnis - Guitars
Mike Giordano - Bass
Norm Leggio - Drums

"Hell Destroyer" was recorded, engineered, produced and mixed at Richard Carr
Studios in San Diego, California by Richard "The Guru" Carr and executive
producers, Cage vocalist Sean Peck and guitarist Dave Garcia. The CD was
mastered by two-time Grammy-award winner Gavin Lurssen (Guns n' Roses, Alice
Cooper, Mφtley Crόe, Motφrhead, Rob Zombie) at Lurssen Mastering in Hollywood,

Review :

The beast from the east! er...west coast. Back with supreme crushing riff after riff. You wont get this much riffery for your cash these days anywhere else! Songs like 'Hell Destroyer','From Death To Legend', 'Christ Hammer', 'Fire and Metal', 'Rise Of The Beast' or 'Metal Devil' absolutely rip your face off! I almost broke my neck thrashing around to 'Rise Of The Beast' when I saw these guys recently! The production is bright, clear and ballsy! That's the way US Power Metal should be!

The storyline is pretty different for a metal band as well...it being about KILLING the devil and his evil political puupets and facades rather than blowing him on a regular basis as in devoutly satanic music. Personally I think the devil needs as much of an ass-kicking as any of the other deities so CHRISTHAMMER that mother-fucker and let's get going!
Literally every song on here is powerful, melodic, memorable and fist-pumping...the way heavy metal should be! So many revivalist bands are following tried and tested paths, which is fine, but Cage are actually forging ahead with their own thing as this stuff sounds fresh and new to my old weary ear-balls.

This is Painkiller 2

1.Descension00:44[view lyrics]
2.Hell Destroyer03:45[view lyrics]
3.I Am the King04:45[view lyrics]
4.The Circle of Light00:46
5.Christ Hammer06:01[view lyrics]
6.Born in Blood05:17[view lyrics]
7.Abomination05:20[view lyrics]
9.Rise of the Beast05:41[view lyrics]
10.Cremation of Care00:48
11.Bohemian Grove03:58[view lyrics]
12.Final Proclamation00:23
13.From Death to Legend04:38[view lyrics]
14.Legion of Demons07:52[view lyrics]
15.Betrayal01:20[view lyrics]
16.Fall of the Angels04:21[view lyrics]
17.Fire and Metal03:19[view lyrics]
18.Beyond the Apocalypse06:18[view lyrics]
19.The Lords of Chaos01:02
20.Metal Devil05:35[view lyrics]
21.King Diamond (European Bonus Track)05:45[view lyrics]
Total playing time01:18:22

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Unknown said...

I found satanic subliminal backmasking message in the heavy metal band from USA - CAGE. It is in the CD release HELL DESTROYER - released in 2007 - track no. 10 - Cremation of care. If you play the song backwards you can hear the satanic message: "Rise master. Hail mighty satan! - 4x, We await your arrival. Deliver unto us armageddon."