Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Impostor - Little Hitler Illusion (Demo) (224)

Line-up :

Billy Messiah : vocals and bass
Tommy Nemo : guitar
Boring Ninja : drums

Review :

Impostor have many things in common with the previously reviewed Vomit, the era of existence, the lifespan, the influences (especially lyrically), the embroynic style etc. but the differences certainly outweigh the commonalities. Unlike Vomit, this isn't a trained band that has refined its skills and style to one impressively skillful rehearsal, but more of a training ground for completely untrained youngsters taking their first steps in Extreme Metal, youngsters some of which we'd later hear about in their much more famous Black Metal outfits. So, while the general concept for the band might be similar to Vomit, instead of a skillfully played Thrash grenade that could at parts put some Bay Area or Eurothrash bands put to shame we get sloppy Hellhammer worship that sometimes loses track of where its going midsong.

But - and this is a big "but" - for that exact reason there is a certain charm to this. For one thing there is of course the cult factor of this being a predecessor to the great Black Metal explosion that Norway would later become (in-)famous for in the Metal community. But moreso, its just the spirit and attitude about this rehearsal demo. While musically it has borrowed most of its sound from Hellhammer there is a certain "cocky" feeling about this, or to go for a more sophisticated term, a "testosterone-filled" feeling. A chorus laced with rhythmic "Oi!"-shouts here, a drunken, laid-back AC/DC style guitar solo there, and of course the obligatory super-silly tracks (in this case apparently a Norwegian lullaby sung in silly voices over a military march, and later an even more stupid take on the same subject with extra growls and no drums), its all there, all screaming whiskey & beer, sex and fucked up behaviour, all the things that we loved in our teenages, and that went so damn well with proto-Black Metal back in the 80s. All the way through this is just so damned catchy and it pushes your ability to resist the shiny six-pack sitting in the fridge to a level near zero.

Of course the history of Metal has brought forth many releases in this style, and from a perspective of mere skill and songwriting abilities this is anything but a milestone, but considering its historical value for the development of the Norwegian scene this is most certainly a gem worth taking a listen to.

1.Brainstorm (Intro)02:12
2.Beyond the Dead03:45
3.Fucking Scout03:41
5.Einar Elg00:52
6.Suicidal Maniac02:30
8.Skummelt Horn00:58
Total playing time18:59

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