Thursday, July 10, 2008

Purgatory - Psychotic Dreams (Pre-Iced Earth) (128)

line-up :

Gene Adam - Vocals (Iced Earth, Unearthed, Atomik Cocktail)
Bill Owen - Lead Guitar (Sanctum (US), Unearthed, Innersanctum)
Jon Schaffer - Rhythm Guitar (Iced Earth, Demons & Wizards)
Dave Abell - Bass (Iced Earth, Unearthed, Knights of Tethys)
Greg Seymour - Drums (Sanctum (US), Innersanctum, Iced Earth)

The band would change their name to Iced Earth before releasing their fourth demo. The "Horror Show" demo was an idea that Jon Schaffer played with for many years, before re-using some of the song titles on the Iced Earth album of the same name (the songs themselves are completely different).

Review :

As an early demo, this is excellent. Unlike what many people think, Gene Adam has a good voice, unless he's trying to sing high (when he sounds like a castrated leprechaun that inhaled helium). Even then, Rob Halford sounds pretty much the same...almost comedic, really...but I digress...
Jack has some great riffs, and Steve Harris-level bass in the mix (which is cool...good basslines). And the music fit their Alice Cooper - meets - Iron Maiden style shows. Eerie, heavy, and still sounds good. In Jason's Mind is a bit more awkward, but is still good mid-tempo metal. All in all, this is a damn good find, and hopefully Jon will compile all the old demo songs for a rerelease (and no rerecording like those Days Of Purgatory debacles...).

1.Jack03:44[view lyrics]
2.In Jason's Mind05:10[view lyrics]
Total playing time08:54

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