Friday, July 18, 2008

Inearthed - Ubiguitous Absence of Remission (Pre-Children of Bodom) (224)


Alexi Laiho - Vocals & Guitar
Samuli Miettinen - Bass
Jaska Raatikainen - Drums

Recorded at Astia-Studios from July 6th until July 9th in 1995 by Anssi Kippo.
Mixed at Astia-Studios by Anssi Kippo.

Music written by Alexi Laiho, lyrics by Samuli Miettinen.

The demo was played only by Alexi (guitars, bass, vocals and right hand of
keyboard) and Jaska (drums and left hand of keyboard). Kuoppala (who joined the
band just after the recordings) and Miettinen didn't play on this demo but they
were named as current members of the band in the booklet.

Female vocals on "Translucent Image" performed by Nina Keitel (not much known
about her; she lives in Lappeenranta and studies).

-The word "Ubiguitous" doesn't exist. Maybe it was a mistake on the cover and
it should mean "Ubiquitous".
-Some riffs and vocal melodies in "Translucent Image" were used in Sinergy's
"Beware The Heavens".
-The Intro of the "Ubiguitous Absence Of Remission" demo was made by Peter
Hajba a.k.a Skaven for a PC demo called "Second Reality".

2.Translucent Image04:02
Total playing time15:40

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