Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Metal Church - Metal Church (Full Length) (320)


David Wayne : Vocals
Kurdt Vanderhoof : Guitars
Kirk Arrington : Drums, percussion
Craig Wells : Guitars
Duke Erickson : Bass

Originally, Metal Church was formed in 1980 in San Francisco by Kurdt Vanderhoof and others. Lars Ulrich (Metallica) also played in the band in 1981 on a few rehersals but didn't make it into the band, and so he is not considered as one of the past-members. This lineup released a few demos but nothing else. In 1981, Kurdt moved to Washington State and found Craig, Duke, and for a while Tom Weber on drums. Tom was quickly replaced by Kirk Arrington and this lineup recorded

The original European version of this album (SPV pressing) contains the bonus
track "Big Guns". This song is NOT available anywhere else. Metal Massacre V has
"The Brave", not "Big Guns".

Review :

etal Church. The very name evokes images of darkened cathedral spires and the occult rituals likely held within the structure's expansive architecture. The album that bears the mystical structure's name is far less mysterious, but infinitely legendary, as it is one of the finest dislays of the pure essence of heavy metal in traditional, power, and thrash metal forms. The band's debut integrates elements of all three, resulting in one of the best, most original albums you're ever likely to hear. Suspend your disbelief: this is triumphant and fascinating and remarkable and a thousand other positive adjectives used to describe one's ideal metal album.

There's not even the semblance of a weak moment on this masterpiece. This is one of the truly indispensible heavy metal albums, at least needing to be heard if not owned. If one were to truly find fault in it, one would be required to seriously reconsider their entire stance on heavy music. Don't write this off as absent fanboyism: this is legitimately great and I'm trying my best to express it. So check this bad boy out, and save your disappointment for the new Metallica album.

1.Beyond the Black06:20[view lyrics]
2.Metal Church05:03[view lyrics]
3.Merciless Onslaught (instrumental)02:56[view lyrics]
4.Gods of Wrath06:41[view lyrics]
5.Hitman04:36[view lyrics]
6.In the Blood03:31[view lyrics]
7.(My Favorite) Nightmare03:11[view lyrics]
8.Battalions04:55[view lyrics]
9.Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)04:37[view lyrics]
Total playing time41:50

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