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Metallica - Metal Up Your Ass (Demo) (192)

The band's fourth demo. A live demo, actually. The lineup is

The recording date is November 29th, 1982, at the Old Waldorf, in San
Francisco. The support band was Exodus, with Kirk Hammett on guitar, playing
their fourth or fifth live gig.

The recording was done by a boom box on stage, as opposed to from the
soundboard, due to technical difficulties with the mixing.

An eleventh song, The Prince, was played, but was not part of the demo since
the tape ran out!

Review :

Back when Metallica were good, they were definitely a force to be reckoned with - and that includes their prowess as a live band. On this album, they are still VERY rough around the edges as far as performance goes, but the raw energy is definitely there.

This is Metallica's fourth demo, and probably their least well known. It was recorded in San Francisco, on a road trip that would prove to be very useful to Metallica later - this is where they first met both Cliff Burton and Kirk Hammett!

The sound quality is pretty decent, considering it is an audience recording made from a boom box! (I'm surprised that the recording wasn't totally distorted, seeing as the thing was placed right on the stage!) The performance has a few minor fuck-ups here and there - but really nothing all that unusual compared to their later drunken performances. Hetfield's vocals do kind of suck at this point in time, and Ulrich fucks up a lot, but the sheer volume of the guitars compensates for any of that silliness. Hetfield and Mustaine do a competent job playing the songs, including the solos, quite well.

As for the setlist - they played pretty much everything they had at that point, including two of their favourite Diamond Head covers: Am I Evil and The Prince (Sucking My Love was out as of mid-1982, as were covers by other bands: Killing Time, Let it Loose, and Dirty Money). "The Prince" is not on the official demo tape, as the tape ran out just after Metal Militia! However, someone in the audience recorded the whole thing, and most bootleg copies of this demo nowadays come with "The Prince" as well (albeit in worse recording quality).

Interestingly enough, this was the first Metallica demo to have cover art. I have no idea what it is, actually. When this demo tape was done, they made a cover for it, as well as for the No Life 'til Leather demo from July.

Overall - worth getting? Fuck yeah, finders keepers. Worth finding on mp3? YES! Just to piss off Lar$ :-)

1.Hit the Lights04:15[view lyrics]
2.The Mechanix04:28[view lyrics]
3.Phantom Lord04:59[view lyrics]
4.Jump in the Fire04:40[view lyrics]
5.Motorbreath03:05[view lyrics]
6.No Remorse06:23[view lyrics]
7.Seek and Destroy06:51[view lyrics]
8.Whiplash04:08[view lyrics]
9.Am I Evil? (Diamond Head Cover)07:50[view lyrics]
10.Metal Militia05:11[view lyrics]
Total playing time51:50

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