Saturday, July 19, 2008

Black Death (US) - Black Death (Full Length) (128)

line-up :

Siki Spacek - lead guitar/vocals
Greg Hicks - guitars
Darrell Harris - bass
Phil Bullard - drums (R.I.P. - February 6, 2008, colon cancer)

It's not clear who the first black (as in African-American) metal band was, but Black Death have to be one of the earlier ones. Formed in 1977, they build a sizeable local following, eventually resulting in the one album before fading into obscurity -- a tale that mirrors many a band. A telling quote from the record label president: "Their biggest problem was finding a replacement if a member quit the band -- there just weren't that many black guys in town who could play metal."

Unreleased Sampler Tracks:
'Taken By Force' - Cleveland Metal (1983)
'Until We Rock' - Cleveland Metal (1983)

Siki Spacek and Phil Bullard have formed a new project called ``The Legend Of Black Death: Mandrake``, which have played live several times, including the BW&BK Six-Pack Weekend, and the ``Legends Of Cleveland Metal`` concert (alongside Wretch, Aftershok, Nightcrawler, and Destructor).

Also released a selftitled demo tape in 1982, which included different recordings of the songs that would be used on the ``Cleveland Metal`` LP one year later.

1.Night of the Living Death04:27
2.The Hunger05:30
3.When Tears Run Red (From Love Lost Yesterday)05:41
4.Fear No Evil06:08
5.The Scream of the Iron Messiah03:43
7.Black Death09:18
Total playing time41:17

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