Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Testament - The Legacy (Full Length) (320)


Eric Peterson: guitar
Alex Skolnick: guitar
Greg Christian: bass
Louie Clemente: drums
Chuck Billy: vocals

Recorded and mixed at Pyramid Souns Studios, Ithica, NY
Produced and engineered by Alex Perialas.

A video was made for "Over The Wall".

Review :

This is one of those albums everyone knows to be a classic. When something is considered a classic (this album has been that for 20 years now), newcomers tend to listen to it in a prejudiced way, purposely looking for negative aspects. I myself, I grew up with it, so I know why this is a classic.

Thrash fans, I implore you: give this a chance. If not for the great lyrics, the classic riffs, or the vocal performance of Chuck Billy, at least check it out for the killer soloing.

Highlights: Every damn one

1.Over the Wall04:07[view lyrics]
2.The Haunting04:17[view lyrics]
3.Burnt Offerings05:07[view lyrics]
4.Raging Waters04:32[view lyrics]
5.C.O.T.L.O.D. (Curse of the Legions of Death)02:32[view lyrics]
6.First Strike Is Deadly03:43[view lyrics]
7.Do or Die04:39[view lyrics]
8.Alone in the Dark04:05[view lyrics]
9.Apocalyptic City05:51[view lyrics]
Total playing time38:53

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