Thursday, July 10, 2008

Iced Earth - Enter the Realm (Demo) (320)

Line-up :

Gene Adam - Vocals
Randall Shawver - Lead Guitar
Jon Schaffer - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Dave Abell - Bass
Greg Seymour - Drums

Very rare collector's item. The songs are available in their original version in
the "Dark Genesis" boxed set.

Review :

Iced Earth's first demo is an awesome example of the band's talent presented in a more energetic, raw form. The production isn't as refined as on their self-titled debut, so the demo just plain reeks of metalness. The guitar tone is powerful, the solos are brilliant, the drumming is masterful and the vocals sound just as vicious as they do on the debut (for those that like the band's singer). Two songs on this demo didn't go on to be included on the debut, the intro track "Enter the Realm" and "Nightmares." The former is just a brief acoustic instrumental, nice but forgettable. The latter is a thrash classic with a sweet intro solo. The Days of Purgatory version with Barlow isn't even close to as glorious as this demo's version of it.

It doesn't offer much more if you already own the first album, but it's an interesting look at the band's early material if you're an Iced Earth fan. Plus "Nightmares" is a cool ass song. Certainly worth obtaining if you get the chance.

1.Enter the Realm00:54
2.Colors05:05[view lyrics]
3.Nightmares03:42[view lyrics]
4.Curse the Sky04:46[view lyrics]
6.Iced Earth05:33[view lyrics]
Total playing time21:43

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