Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cynic (US) - '88 Demo (Demo) (192)

Line-up :

Jack Kelly - Vocals
Paul Masvidal - Guitar
Mark Van Erp - Bass
Sean Reinert - Drums

Review :

Prior to evolving into the genre-defying, massively influential, almost legendary "jazz-metal" pioneers the world came to know on 1993's Focus, Cynic were much like any other metal band from Florida's blosomming scene, searching for a musical identity and delivering a raw thrash metal assult. While this first demo obviously bares little resemblance to what the band would eventually become, this is still some crushing and surprisingly intelligent early material from a group of musicians who clearly had the poetential to make their mark on the metal scene, overcoming some predictably muddy sound quality to shine through as an undeniably impressive effort in its own capacity.

Paul Masvidal was handling all the guitars at this point, and while his later jazz-tinged experimentalism is nowhere to be found he still creates some great riffage and swift soloing which combines with a speedy and precise performance from the already impressive Sean Reinert behind the kit to create the basis of these three songs. Early bassist Mark Van Erp is no Tony Choy or Sean Malone, nor does he need to be, providing a steady (if at times slightly inaudible) backbone to the ripping guitars. This demo is also the only recorded appearance of original vocalist Jack Kelly, who has little going for him in the way of originality (his gravelly shouting is a little reminiscent of Tom Angelripper to these ears) but provides a sufficiently agressive and energetic performance to give the songs some extra punch and certainly pull his own weight.

1.Once Misguided02:58
2.Weak Reasoning03:36
3.Dwellers of the Threshold03:58
Total playing time10:32

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