Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Running Wild - Victim of States Power (Ep) (256)


Rock 'n' Rolf - Vocals, Guitar
Stephan - Bass
Preacher - Guitar
Hasche - Drums

Also known as the Walpurgis Night EP.

Review :

As a caboose to their exceptional Gates to Purgatory lp, these brothers German hire "Victim of State Power", one of the record's hairier tracks, as an overseer to a pair of fairly lively, yet formuliac occult-browed benders that follow a mindset beaten into form by the debut.

Like all of their songs grooved to vinyl prior to this, once a song's momentum takes off it's pretty much etched in stone, meaning if you're looking for a rollercoaster ride of tempos during a tune, you may as well expect to find a canoe in a phone booth. Okay, maybe it's not such a straight shot as far as the dashing "Satan" goes. Its initial oh so British gust of repetitively agile fretboard aerobatics is a nice reversal compared to its partners, as if to say 'yeah, we can do that too', but it winds up falsely proclaiming something the rest of the track doesn't live up to. But that's fine 'cause the band finally throw some caution to the wind and change it up with a nifty adventuresome shift at midway and then one less dynamic at the end.

"Walpurgis Night", in the meantime, is kinda common in its mild catchiness, probably a little too heartening for the tainted ideals the band is ordering forth, meanwhile the vocally staunch Rolf throws an uncommon ear-splitter into the atmosphere for good measure. Basically a song that could've gotten shoved into the shadows on a full-lengther, but has nowhere to hide here, derailing things a tad.

Unlike hotcakes, the ep didn't sell all that well and is responsible for its collectibility that's on par with the picture disc versions of Gates to Purgatory and Branded and Exiled, which would be up at bat in about a year.

1.Victim of States Power03:39[view lyrics]
2.Walpurgis Night04:41[view lyrics]
3.Satan04:10[view lyrics]
Total playing time12:30

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