Thursday, July 3, 2008

Black Reign (US) - Legion (Demo) (128)

Line Up :

Max Kobol (aka John Cyriis, Max Havlock, John Camps) - Vocals
Rolo Macias - Guitar
Chuck Profus - Drums

On the picture: Max Kobol (aka John Cyriis)

Review :

Black Reign, a not very well known side-project of the famous Agent Steel singer John Cyriis. I am a big fan of his singing and music, so I decided one day that I'll hunt down all his demos and stuff. Well after a loooong, looong searching and seeking I finally got it and I was really amazed...I heard a lot of rumors about this demo but I never expected something this good. ''Legion'' is a 15 min long demo that amazed me due too it's short lenght. There are three songs here, and really, one better than the other. It's very hard to describe the music that Black Reign are playing, it is definetily something in vein of Agent Steel, but on the other hand it has a music of it's own. Strange Speed/Thrash metal, with some pretty good riffs and solos that literally brought the ''Armageddon is near'' feeling, straight too my room. A bit doomy, but sometimes really sad atmosphere, that will just make you feel like it's all have to hear it to know what I mean. This band could be one of those bands with genre hard to describe, if they wouldn't (like every other band that Cyriis was involved with) simply quit!

2.Blackstream Winter02:45
3.Aphrodite's Throne06:58
Total playing time14:07

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Panos Konstantinidis said...

Ψψψψψψψψ, τί λές τώρα... Είσαι απίστευτος.

Laaz said...

Oh F**K! Thank you very much for this one that I was looking for a long time ago.

Go Green with Green said...

Rolo Macias is a great guitar player.