Thursday, July 3, 2008

Exorcist (Pol) - Voices From The Graves (Demo) (192)

Line Up :

Butcher - Vocals
Necrophiliac - Bass
Agressor - Guitars
Skeleton - Drums

Cover concept & painting by Butcher

All lirycs by Butcher
All music by Aggressor

Recorded in the cellar of Skeleton's house.

Review :

Now I've heard enough black metal to know that the poor production values of that genre kind of lend itself to making the music more atmospheric and dark. But alot of those bands seem to just shit their album out of four-track recorders and flaunt it around as something epic and dark, without taking time to truly make it what it was set out to be. Kids, THIS release right here, a demo, gets the poor production/dark atmosphere recipe correct. And they're not even a black metal band! They are a christcrushing, virgin impaling, Satan worshipping soldier-of-the-infernal-goathorde THRASH band.

The four songs on this demo are truly dark, and truly haunting. The minor key shrieking of the guitars and muddy, yet not entirely corroded drum sound paint themselves onto what could have been the portrait of hell.

And then there's the vocalist, who doesn't sound human. I swore that was a tormented android shouting SABBATH! SABBATH! the first time I heard this tape. A very sinister snarl-like shout is the form that the vocals take on here.

1.Last Priest03:19
2.Seven Gates Of Hell03:49
3.Pile Driver03:53
4.Nun's Sabbath04:46
Total playing time14:55

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