Thursday, July 17, 2008

Avatar (Bel) - Emperors of the Night (Demo) (160)

line-up :

Flap - Guitars (The Avatar)
Azagdaimon aka Zynux (David Hollands) - Drums (Solemn Vitus, Aetherium)
Stijn - Bass
Izarothas - Keyboards (The Avatar, For Greater Good, Guardian Heliotrope)
Occulta (Jerden van Grop) - Vocals, Guitars (The Avatar, Grinning Ghoul)
Klaartje - Female vocals

Recorded on Halloween's Eve 1994

1.A Lost City05:47[view lyrics]
2.The Curse of Nosferatu03:49[view lyrics]
3.Queen of Death02:15[view lyrics]
4.The Vampire's Sleep03:16[view lyrics]
5.Emperors of the Night06:33[view lyrics]
6.Night Of Demonic Worship04:53[view lyrics]
7.Hymn to the Ancient Ones05:20[view lyrics]
Total playing time31:53

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Jimapore said...

Thanks for this upload! I've got the demo myself but haven't listened to any tapes anymore for more then 10 years or something :-). It's great to have this one digitalized.