Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Darkthrone - A New Dimension (Demo) (192)


Ivar - Guitar
Ted - Guitar
Dag - Bass
Gylve (Fenriz) - Battery

"A New Dimension" was a promotape.

Review :

The demo/promo consists of two instrumental tracks. The sound is grim and raw, but there is also, at the same time possible to hear what they play without any problem. In other words: Perfect!

The first track is some thunder and synthsounds, not very interesting, but it is a nice enough intro.

The second track, Snowfall, is great though! It’s actually my favourite Darkthrone song. The two opening riffs sounds a lot like the two first riffs on the first song on Death’s debut alum Scream Bloody Gore called Infernal Death. Being inspired by this album is not something Darkthrone has tried to hide…
The band lays riff, up on riff, up on riff going mid tempo with few repetitions for 9 minutes, and it never get boring to listen to.

I believe this promo is hard to get, so I recommend getting Preparing For War, who has Snowfall on it.

1.Twilight Dimension00:43[view lyrics]
Total playing time09:47

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