Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Agent Steel - Unstoppable Force (Full Length) (320)


John Cyriis: Vocals
Juan Garcia: Guitars
Bernie Versailles: Guitars
Michael Zaputil: Bass
Chuck Profus: Drums

The 1999 Century Media rerelease includes the Mad Locust EP at the end of the
disc (as tracks 10-13).
Cat. nr. 66039-2

A re-release of this album has the song "The Unexpected", which was never on
any studio album, but was performed live. The track on the re-release was
recorded live 6/20/87, and appeared originally on the official video "Live at

The Japanese version contains the bonus track "The Ripper".

Review :

Agent Steel for all practical purpouses is the heaviest power metal band of all time. Of course back in the 80's power metal was pretty much power thrash, as it had a lot more balls than it does now. Unstoppable Force is soo fucking heavy, yet so majestically glorious. They were the heaviest possible thrash version of "Somewhere in Time" Iron Maiden. What could possibly be better? Now it must be noted that there are many "perfect" albums out there for me...many but small in relation to the number of metal bands that I listen to. Unstoppable Force is everything that I love about metal, delivered in the most maniacal way possible, thanks to John Cyriis who may very well be insane, but goddamnit, when asses needed to be kicked, he answered the call. All the way through this album every song strives to batter you with metal, at all cost. My favorites are Unstoppable Force, Never Surrender, Chosen to Stay, Still Searchin...hell I love em all. The guitar melodies and solos here are like light sabers carterizing your wound after every slice they make. Vocals are quite possibly the most maniacaly stark ravenly mad that they could possibly be. I dont know if that makes sense, so that should give you an idea of what I mean. John Cyriis is unbelievable, both in talent, and other things. Almost like a heavy metal super hero from a comic book. He's a thrash metal version of my favorite swashbuckling bucaneer, Mr. Bruce Dickinson. Cyriis does Bruce great justice, but delivering Bruce style vocals.....TO THE EXTREME! If you dont believe me about this album, go listen to it and feel like an idiot. Hopefully the ass kicking Agent Steel gives you will serve as a lesson.

1.Unstoppable Force03:52[view lyrics]
2.Never Surrender03:52[view lyrics]
3.Indestructive03:30[view lyrics]
4.Chosen to Stay04:46[view lyrics]
5.Still Searchin'04:13[view lyrics]
6.Rager04:07[view lyrics]
7.The Day at Guyana06:38
8.Nothin' Left04:23[view lyrics]
9.Traveler03:49[view lyrics]
Total playing time39:10

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