Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cynic (US) - Reflections of a Dying World (Demo) (160)

Line-up :

Paul Masvidal - Guitar, Vocals
Jason Gobel - Guitar
Mark Van Erp - Bass
Sean Reinert - Drums

Review :

This demo is released basically to show the band's evolution, and what the thrash roots that Cynic had, really were.

Paul has probably transfered his skilled back and forth from Master, as you can tell by the intro track to this demo, Denaturalizing Leaders. Sean continues to hammer away at his kit, in odd time fashions (Though not as much deviation as Focus). The vocals are quite impressive, considering Paul almost lost his voice over it. I assume he can only go on for so long with the harsh vocals, judging by the shorter length of songs. Most demo songs-- even by starting bands, are short in time. For a band at the beginning, they are quite good for starting out. Almost 4 minutes on the first song. That is impressive. What I also enjoyed is how the tracks flow together so easily, but not so much you cannot tell the difference between the songs (Aka: DragonForce).
The bass on this album is heavy as hell if you can make it out. Mark Van Erp isn't Tony Choy or Sean Malone, but he sure holds his part well.

Do not get me wrong, these songs are technical, and there are certain time signature changes, just not as much as Focus has. Though we have the technical parts, there is definitely ear-candy solo's throughout this album. On top of the epic solos, we also have the aggressiveness that everyone enjoys in the tremolo picking or ultra heavy power chords. There is no lack of that, making this a possible headbanging experience. You can just feel the heavy riffs off of Agitating Affliction.
Sadly, I wish I could write a longer review like always, but this is only a four song demo. I will leave with you with one important line: Only get this if you cannot get enough Cynic, or enjoy classic death metal with some very heavy riffs. Other then that and I believe you will not really enjoy this.

1.Denaturalizing Leaders03:52[view lyrics]
2.Extremes02:33[view lyrics]
3.A Life Astray02:50[view lyrics]
4.Agitating Affliction03:42[view lyrics]
Total playing time12:57

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