Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Riot - Thundersteel (Full Length) (320)


Mark Reale - Guitars
Tony Moore - Vocals
Don Van Stavern - Bass
Bobby Jarzombek - Drums

Review :

It seems as if some people have come to the same conclusion as I, namely that this is indeed one of the finest efforts metal has to offer . All I can say is that if you should happen to stumble upon this gem, don't get fooled by the silly cover, but do yourself a favor and pick it up. Classic heavy/power metal doesn't get much better than this!

he songs here are all insanely creative, catchy, and really damn cool. The vocals are extremely addictive, and will stick in your head even after one or two listens. Tony Moore may be a Halford clone, and he may pale in comparison to Midnight of Crimson Glory, but he's no less than amazing, just a small step below Halford. That's saying something, too. I wonder why we never saw Moore in any other bands. He was a very promising talent. The guitar lines are absolutely spectacular; searing and crystal clear, and they really remind me of the equally cool ones put out by Criss Oliva around the same time period in Savatage's best albums. See "Fight or Fall" and "Run For Your Life" for the best Savatage comparisons, and tell me those couldnt've been on Hall of the Mountain King.

1.Thundersteel03:49[view lyrics]
2.Fight or Fall04:25[view lyrics]
3.Sign of the Crimson Storm04:40[view lyrics]
4.Flight of the Warrior04:17[view lyrics]
5.On Wings of Eagles05:41[view lyrics]
6.Johnny's Back05:32[view lyrics]
7.Bloodstreets04:39[view lyrics]
8.Run for Your Life04:08
9.Buried Alive (Tell Tale Heart)08:55[view lyrics]
Total playing time46:06

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