Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tankard - Heavy Metal Vanguard (Demo) (192)


Andreas "Gerre" Geremia - vocals
Frank Thorwarth - bass
Axel Katzmann - guitars
Andy Bulgaropulos - guitars
Oliver "O.W." Werner - drums

Review :

It�s really awesome to hear the demo version of �Rundown Quarter�. You know� the track that was re-recorded for the album B-Day? I really like the feel of the song, and the chorus followed along by the riffing and guitar solo shows what Tankard are really all about (speed, diversity, and fun).

Guerre�s vocals are done in a different manner than the Tankard of today. They are definitely spunkier and at the same time harsher, making it sound very much like punk instead of heavy metal. Not to worry though, this is still heavy metal, but very much more like under-produced heavy metal. Don't forget the fact that this is a demo, and the audio quality is what kills most of its value.

I got this demo thanks to the special limited edition of B-Day which included this demo and their other demo titled �Alcoholic Metal�. This is one hell of a deal, especially if you�re a fan of Tankard. Two good demos and one hell of a full-length for the price of one� definitely something you should look into.

1.Incredible Loudness04:34
2.Devils Game04:13
5.Heavy Metal03:17
6.Death by Whips05:01
7.Rundown Quarter03:47
Total playing time30:54

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