Monday, July 28, 2008

Rotting Christ - Leprocy of Death (Demo) (128)

Line Up:

Sauron (aka Themis): Drums
Sakis: Guitar, vocals
Mutilator Jim: Bass

Rehearsal Demo. Unofficial.

there is only the first track

Review :

Anyone able to get their hands on this recording, is both lucky and also most likely really into grindcore.
"Grindcore?", you ask. "This can't be the same Rotting Christ I know and love, the black metal leviathens from Athens, Greece". Well, get over it because it is the one and the same, and unless you like grindcore, you're gonna be hard pushed to find anything here worth getting excited for.
For one thing, this session is extremely raw, so not for everyone's likings, unless of course you like badly produced demos and rarities. In that case rest assured that this is definately a gem. Another plus is the fact that unlike a good amount of demos, this here recoding is audible. You can make out the guitar playing, the drumming and even the death growl vocals being shouted in the background.
Well, enough with the production. What you want to know is if they actually play anything of essence. Quite simply put, yes...and no. If you're looking for typical late 80's grindcore, then you'll be quite satisfied with what's on the menu. From fuzzy, grinding guitars, to blast beats and fast breaks, to the ever so discreet groove parts, to the growling vocals, you can bet your ass that anybody into Carcass' and Napalm Death's first albums will be headbanging well into the grave (especially after hearing track 6, which is quite reminiscent of 'Scum's title track). On the other hand, those looking for an early dose of Rotting Christ's type of black metal, will find little to no similarities with future recordings. But that's not a bad thing, just means that this is a band that although looking in one direction, later decide to take another path with their music.
In the end, all that we have is another demo/rehearsal with only historic value being the fact that it's the band's first known recording, one that shows an entirely different face. A great recording, but not nessecarily for Rotting Christ fans. Most likely for purists. Either way, I highly recommend it and wish anybody in search for it good luck.

1.Leprosy of Death01:11
4.Epileptic Noise00:39
5.The Black Shadows01:03
6.Oxya Epilezed Ozon00:40
7.Mortuary Dweller00:43
8.Mentally Disordered00:53
Total playing time08:50

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