Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Battleroar - To Death and Beyond... (Full Length) (320)


Marco Congoreggi - vocals
Kostas Tzortzis - guitar
Manolis Karazeris - guitar
Gus Makrikostas - bass
Nick Papadopoulos - drums

Limited Digipack contains a bonus track:
10. Morbid Tabernacle / Isle of the Dead (Manilla Road cover) 4:40

Review :

Have you ever heard an album so moving and epic, that visions of a motivated army charging into battle with swords held high entered your mind? Personally, I�ve had a few responsible for enlightening cries, yet Battleroar's "To Death And Beyond" made me run into my neighbor's yard and take their land as my own; they still can�t past my swinging axe without receiving a severed limb! Indeed, these Greek do wonders when applying their unique brand of high-flying power metal that feels forceful and dynamic in so many ways, unlike shit-pies like Ride The Sky bent on worshiping Helloween or whatever. Truth be told, tribute bands lead a path of dismay while real factions like Battleroar rocket through the clouds and continue mastering power metal; that is the synopsis of "To Death And Beyond"

1.The Wrathforge08:17
3.Finis Mundi08:54
4.Metal from Hellas04:15
5.Hyrkanian Blades04:47
6.Oceans of Pain10:22
7.Born in the 70's05:23
8.Warlord of Mars04:23
9.Death before Disgrace08:35
Total playing time59:06

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