Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nemesis (Swe) - The Day of Retribution (Pre-Candlemass) (192)

Line-up :

Vocals: Leif Edling
Guitars: Anders Walling
Guitars: Christian Weberyd
Bass: Leif Edling
Drums: Anders Walterson

all music & lyrics by Leif Edling

Re-released on CD 1990 on Active Records. Has bonus tracks which were released
as a demo under the Candlemass moniker:
6. Black Stone Wielder (7:17)
7. Demons Gate (8:01)
and different cover art

Review :

I've listened to a lot of death metal, black metal, and doom metal, but I have to say that the track "Black Messiah" is the darkest song I have ever heard, right up there with early Mercyful Fate. Lief sings on here, and he sounds somewhat like an evil Gregorian monk. "In God We Trust" is a lot faster than most Candlemass stuff, but it's good to listen to. "Theme of the Guardians" is midpaced, not far off from Mercyful Fate, but with Lief's trademark vocals and some strange guitar melodies popping up here and there. "Goodnight" starts with a nice acoustic part, which is a nice way of keeping the album interesting. The final two tracks are Candlemass demos and they're a bit heavier than the stuff off of Epicus Doomicus Metallicus.
The raw production on here really works to the album's advantage. There aren't any technical parts, and most of it is low end, so there's no need for a really polished recording. This was THE release that got me into Candlemass, Trouble, and doom metal in general. Totally essential for anyone who wants to feel real darkness (but this just might not be evil...).

This is the Re-release with the bonus tracks

1.Black Messiah07:01
2.In God We Trust04:36
3.Theme of the Guardians04:26
4.The King Is Dead05:19
Total playing time27:26

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