Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cynic (US) - Promo 08 (Demo) (320)

line up :

Paul Masvidal - Guitars, Vocals
Sean Reinert - Drums, Keyboards
Sean Malone - Bass, Chapman stick
Tymon Kruidenier - Guitars, Vocals
Tony Teegarden - Vocals/Keyboards

Review :

The legendary technical death metal group Cynic as we know recently got back together for a reunion tour. I thought it was only going to be just that but now it seems that Cynic is wanting to actually make a new album. And it also seems that they have made a promo for two of their newly written songs. I was able to catch a listen to these new tracks and damn I am stunned.

Cynic is back, and better than ever. These new songs sound just like a natural progression from Focus. They sound like they might as well have never split up in the first place. The technicality, the seamless fusion of jazz, the vocoder, the harsh vocals, the clean vocals, the melody, its all their and they have stepped it up in quality.

Track list:

1. Integral Birth (3:49)
2. Adam's Murmur (3:28)
3. Evolutionary Sleepers (Live) (6:07)

Total playing time: 13:24

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