Thursday, July 24, 2008

Slayer - Escape From The Estudios (Demo) (128)


Tom Araya: Vocals, Bass
Jeff Hanneman: Guitars
Kerry King: Guitars
Dave Lombardo: Drums

Probably some songs were made in early years of Slayer, and others are made for
up coming albums

tfe last track is die by the sword united with black magic, were made in a
same session, and in early vere days

1.Criminally Insane02:56[view lyrics]
2.Piece by Piece02:22[view lyrics]
3.Reborn02:26[view lyrics]
4.Agressive Perfector02:49[view lyrics]
5.Necrophobic01:46[view lyrics]
6.Angel of Death05:10[view lyrics]
7.Postmortem03:48[view lyrics]
8.Raining Blood03:41[view lyrics]
9.Evil Has No Boundaries02:52[view lyrics]
10.Show No Mercy02:56[view lyrics]
11.Tormentor03:25[view lyrics]
12.Crionics03:12[view lyrics]
13.Die by the Sword / Black Magic02:26
Total playing time33:49

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