Monday, June 30, 2008

Symphony X - Dance Macabre (Demo) (128)


Vocals - Rod Tyler
Guitar - Michael Romeo
Bass - Thomas Miller
Drums - Jason Rullo
Keyboards - Michael Pinnella

Symphony X hail from New Jersey, USA and were founded there in April 1994. Guitarist Michael Romeo had already been receiving a lot of praise and attention for his self produced solo-tape "The Dark Chapter", which eventually led to the birth of Symphony X. Joining Michael at first was bass player Thomas Miller, who had played with Michael on numerous occasions in the past. Soon after that, vocalist Rod Tyler and drummer Jason Rullo were recruited and finally with the arrival of Michael Pinnella

1.Taunting the Notorious03:42[view lyrics]
2.Rapture or Pain06:14[view lyrics]
3.Danse Macabre05:38
4.Guitar Solo04:04
5.Guitar Solo II03:39
Total playing time23:17

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