Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rotting Christ - Satanas Tedeum (Demo) (192)

Line Up :

Sakis: guitar, vocals
Mutilator Jim: bass
Sauron (aka Themis): drums

Re-released on CD in 1994.
Remastered & re-released on 12" vinyl in 2006 by Kyrck Productions, you can see
it here.

1.The Hills of the Crucifixion03:10[view lyrics]
2.Feast of the Grand Whore03:21[view lyrics]
3.The Nereid of Esgalduin03:43[view lyrics]
4.Restoration of the Infernal Kingdom03:07[view lyrics]
5.The Sixth Communion03:50
Total playing time17:11

Download Link

Pass : http://demo-series.blogspot.com/

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