Sunday, June 29, 2008

Iron Fist (Ger) - Demo (Pre-Helloween) (192)

Line Up :

Piet Sielck - Vocals, Guitars
Kai Hansen - Guitars, Vocals
Markus Grosskopf - Bass
Ingo Schwichtenberg - Drums

Initially called Gentry, then Second Hell, then Kronus, then Iron Fist before finally becoming Helloween.

Kai Hansen and Piet Sielck also played drums when the band was still called Second Hell.

When Piet Sielck left, Michael Weikath was found as a second guitarist.
The rest is history.

1.Cold Heart05:03
3.Ain't No Fantasy03:57
Total playing time13:19

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Pass :

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Mik said...

Unfortunatelly this ain't Helloween from Germany But Jaguar from England.... It seems someone played a trick on you...