Sunday, June 29, 2008

Running Wild & Hellhammer & Dark Avenger & Helloween - Death Metal Compilation (split) (192)

Hellhammer Line-up :

Tom "Satanic Slaughter" Warrior - vocals
Martin "Slayed Necros" Ain - bass, backing vocals
Bruce "Denial Fiend" Day - drums

Dark Avenger Line-up :

Siegfried Kohmann - vocals
Bernd Piontek - guitars
Claus Johannson - guitars
Uwe Neff - bass
Andreas Breindl - drums

Running Wild Line-up :

Rock΄n΄Rolf Kasparek - vocals/guitars
Gerald "Preacher" Warnecke - guitars
Stephan Boriss - bass
Wolfgang "Hasche" Hagemann - drums

Helloween Line-up :

Kai Hansen - vocals/guitars
Michael Weikath - guitars
Markus Grosskopf - bass
Ingo Schwichtenberg - drums

Hellhammer tracks "Revelations of Doom" and "Messiah" featured originally on
this sampler were recorded in the same sessions of the "Apocalyptic Raids" EP.
Later they were included in the Brazilian pressing LP and all CD versions.

Helloween released their contribution as a demo tape, as did Running Wild. It
is unknown how much circulation they got, or how "official" the releases were.
The Running Wild tracks appear on the re-release of the 1995 LP "Masquerade"
(tracks re-recorded in 1999).

The "Death Metal" sampler had its original cover censored and had another cover
with just the title. Both versions are very rare LPs.

Running Wild
1.Iron Heads03:38[view lyrics]
2.Bones to Ashes05:07[view lyrics]
3.Revelations of Doom02:46[view lyrics]
4.Messiah04:30[view lyrics]
Dark Avenger (Ger)
5.Black Fairies03:33
6.Lords of the Night03:47
7.Oernst of Life04:41[view lyrics]
8.Metal Invaders04:27[view lyrics]
Total playing time32:29

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