Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Septic Broiler - Enfeebled Earth (Pre-Dark Tranquillity) (192)

Line Up :

Anders Fridén - Vocals
Niklas Sundin - Lead Guitar
Mikael Stanne - Rhythm Guitar
Martin Henriksson - Bass
Anders Jivarp - Drums

After one demo tape, they changed their name to Dark Tranquillity

Only 100 copies Independently made by the band.

Bonus rehearsal track:
4. Septic Broiler

1.Enfeebled Earth04:01
2.The Fortune of War05:10
3.Only Time Can Tell06:42
Total playing time15:53

Download Link

Pass : http://demo-series.blogspot.com/

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Unknown said...

Dude wtf the pass doesn't work ?! =s

Desmond Kind said...

its working fine man. you have an old version of winrar thats why the pass doesnt work. cheers

theworld said...

could anyone tell me where the pw is?

i really need this songs x.x