Thursday, June 12, 2008

Death Angel - Heavy Metal Insanity (Demo) (192)


Rob Cavestany - Guitar
Gus Pepa - Guitar
Dennis Pepa - Bass
Andy Galeon - Drums

The first Death Angel demo. Mark Osegueda was not yet a member of the band: Gus
and Rob handled the vocals.

This demo has been released as bonus in the "Ultra violence" re-issue by

Some decent true Heavy Metal by these famous teenagers. Hard to believe that the same band changed their style so drastically. Metal archives claims this is on the "Ultra violence" re-issue CD, but I never saw that, here is a rip from the real demo tape.The last track has a glitch from when my old pc had memory problems, so you get to enjoy the glitch too.

1.No Time for Love05:20
2.The Hunted03:01
4.Barren Lands06:30
Total playing time19:23

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