Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rotting Christ - Passage to Arcturo (Ep) (320)

Line Up :

Necromayhem : Guitar, vocals
Mutilator : Bass
Necrosauron : Drums
Morbid : Synth, piano

Originally a MLP-pressing only. First edition in Gatefold-cover, 2nd editon
with normal cover.

Re-released with Feast of the Grand Whore (Live) and The Forest of N'Gai (Live)
as bonustracks on MCD.

Reissued in 2006 on Unruly Sounds without the intro and with three bonus
6. The Nereid of Esgalduin
7. Vicious Joy and Black Delight
8. Feast of the Grand Whore

1.Intro - Ach - Golgotha01:08
2.The Old Coffin Spirit04:52[view lyrics]
3.The Forest of N'Gai05:50[view lyrics]
4.The Mystical Meeting04:36[view lyrics]
5.Gloria de Domino Inferni01:37[view lyrics]
6.Inside the Eye of Algond05:58[view lyrics]
Total playing time24:01

Download Link

Pass : http://demo-series.blogspot.com/

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