Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Overkill - Power in Black (Demo) (192)

The first Overkill demo.

Recorded March-Sept, 1983. "at two shitholes, Staten Island NY and Sterling

trivia: The Beast Within is quite possibly the first ever thrash song. They wrote it in 1981 or so, and that main break after the chorus is about as thrash as it gets. It's otherwise a pretty average song, something that would not be out of place among the first few Exodus compositions that didn't make it to Bonded by Blood, or even some Venom material.

Line Up:
Bobby Ellsworth (aka Blitz): Vocals
Bobby Gustafson: Guitar
Rat Skates: Drums
D.D Verni: Bass

1.Overkill03:23[view lyrics]
2.The Beast Within04:05[view lyrics]
3.There's No Tomorrow03:25[view lyrics]
4.Death Rider03:50[view lyrics]
5.Raise the Dead03:13[view lyrics]
Total playing time17:56

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