Friday, September 12, 2008

X-Caliber - Warriors Of The Night (Full Length) (128)

line-up :

Vocals : Kevin Donegan
Guitars : Jerry Conrad
Guitars : James F. Yedlick
Bass : Bruce Fleckenstein
Drums : Donnie Lee Poland

Review :

Kevin Donegan has one of the best voices i have ever heard,probably THE best,.it is a real tragedy that this band just disappeard off the face of this earth after recording such an amazing metal record,,the best music is always underated and overlooked,,,everytime i listen to that classic Warriors of the night i always think to myself of what could of been .....

One of the best metal record of all time . A true Gem .

1.Runaway05:35[view lyrics]
2.Warriors Of The World06:44[view lyrics]
3.The Sword05:21[view lyrics]
4.Tell Me Why03:56[view lyrics]
5.Rock's Alive04:36[view lyrics]
6.Don't Say Goodbye04:56[view lyrics]
7.Told You Not To Run07:14[view lyrics]
8.Someday02:38[view lyrics]
Total playing time41:00

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