Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sovereign (Swe) - And the Pain Begins (Demo) (128)

line-up :

Claes Arnesson - Vocals
Andreas Larsson - Guitars
Markus Harrysson - Guitars, backing vocals
Marcus Lillerskog - Bass
David Wiklund - Drums


Sovereign was formed 1999 by the bands only original members Larsson and Harrysson. Since then lead singers, bass-players and drum-lads has come and walked out of the rehersal-room. And now, in present time, the five members struggles at the attic of the house of music in Falköping, Sweden. The most easiest way to describe Sovereigns music would be to call it west-coast-melodic-death-metal. But that would be to easy since the lads listens to and tries to combine the music with 70's- and 80's Hardrock, Stonerrock and Rock n' Roll. The three rascals Larsson, Harrysson and Lillerskog compose most parts of the music.
Fuck yeah!

2.Nine Bodies05:06
3.And the Pain Begins03:48
Total playing time13:24

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