Friday, September 26, 2008

Carcass - Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment (Demo) (128)

Line Up :

Jeff Walker: Bass/Vocals
Bill Steer: Guitar/Vocals
Ken Owen: Drums/Vocals

The vocalist on this album was the mysterious Indian known only as Sanjiv.

Review :

This was the first demo under the Carcass name. I was interested to see how the demo was and how it compared to Reek of Putrefaction in terms of the sound and the audio quality. I was quite surprised, but in a rather pleasant way.

The vocalist, Sanjiv, doesn't sound pitchshifted. He has a fairly solid guttural, and delivers vocals passably well. I was surprised by the straight-up gutturals here, expecting the pitchshifted vocals, but this sounds to be tape-recorder quality, and (in my experience) pitchshifting on that low-grade of equipment doesn't turn out so good.

The drums are fairly standard as well, blasting away indecipherably. It's almost impossible to distinguish the riffs over the drums and vocals, giving the album something of a powerviolence feel. It's free of the ridiculous powerviolence vocals, though, which is a big plus. It sounds a bit like Denak, in my opinion, but with worse production and better vocals.

If you're into really indecipherable brutal grindcore, this is a solid album. A must-have for grind fans and those who enjoy demos. It's impressive how much this band changed, even if the changes went downhill.

1.Genital Grinder00:50
2.Regurgitation of Giblets01:56[view lyrics]
3.Festerday00:19[view lyrics]
4.Limb From Limb01:05[view lyrics]
5.Rotten to the Gore02:54[view lyrics]
6.Excreted Alive00:55[view lyrics]
7.Malignant Defecation01:59[view lyrics]
8.Fermenting Innards02:33[view lyrics]
9.Necro-Cannibal Bloodfeast01:49[view lyrics]
10.Psychopathologist01:29[view lyrics]
11.Die in Pain00:11[view lyrics]
12.Pungent Excrutiation03:04[view lyrics]
13.Face Meltaaargh01:16[view lyrics]
Total playing time20:20

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