Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paradise Lost - Seals The Sense (Ep) (192)


Nick Holmes - Vocals
Gregor Mackintosh - Guitar
Aaron Aedy - Guitar
Stephen Edmondson - Bass
Matt Archer - Drums

Review :

A year after and awesome Icon album was released, Paradise Lost released this little stop-gap EP for the fans. It contains two of the better songs from Icon "Embers Fire", and "True Belief", a new song, and a live version of the song "Your Hand In Mine" from the "Shades of God" album. Since two songs are already on Icon, there's really only two songs worth mentioning here. The new song "Sweetness" is a terrific song that shows Paradise Lost moving in a more gothic direction with more clean singing and keyboards. The live version of "Your Hand In Mine" is nice enough, although it's nothing you really need.

I would only recommend this EP for the Paradise Lost completists. The song Sweetness is definitely worth having and the artwork is terrific, but the rest of this EP is somewhat useless espcially if you already own the Icon album.

1.Embers Fire04:44[view lyrics]
2.Sweetness05:34[view lyrics]
3.True Belief04:29[view lyrics]
4.Your Hand In Mine (live)06:38[view lyrics]
Total playing time21:25

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