Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Steel Warriors - Steel Warriors (Ep) (192)

line-up :

Steve Scott - Vocals, Guitar
Mike Gillian - Bass, Vocals
Lance Crane - Drums

Review :

“…metal music, it should be the law…”

Easily finding a spot in metal’s bad cover art museum is Steel Warrior’s debut, an ep that, on the surface, poses so ham-handedly as ‘true’ metal you’re almost afraid to approach your stereo. You’re looking this thing over, torn, distrustful, your darker half certain the four tracks are as cliché as a dream sequence in a sitcom, but your other half, the one that leaves a tip even though the service has been shitty, whispers that the NY trio may actually be okay, if not surprising. Your darker half laughs ‘cause visually there’s the Omen-esque/Battle Cry cover art (complete with the obligatory guitar replacing the axe). In addition, of the four song titles, two are bold metallic statements that by ’84 were already rusty, one does nothing to hide its sanitary napkin, and the last is the millionth tune to give rock a salute. The fact that ‘metal’ is further defined as ‘music’ in their back cover blurb is just another nail in the coffin. And the hammer? Steel Warriors: the moniker. Your light-hearted side hangs its head, sighs, and regrettably agrees, but with a light hopeful glimmer in its eye says there’s still really nothing to lose by giving it a whirl. Yeah, famous last words.

Well, “Steel Warriors” comes out squealing and semi-bulging where a soiled, bass-heavy guitar tone meshes with discordantly conventional sensibility, something fantastic like drunken Motorhead meets, oh I don’t know, Autograph. The din is continually unkempt and soon some of the Motorhead nuance departs, leaving a weirdly grubby pop aftertaste in the chorus’s mouth. Suddenly it happens: the unmistakable deadpan clunk of cowbell, and even your more optimistic half shows visual fear. “Heavy Forces” sees the Motorhead influence reduced to a mere iota, overtaken by a current of happy-rock that doesn’t quite roam into glam territory.

Side two officially says adios to anything Lemmy, and while a steady pace of more cowbell clonks “I Found That Something In You” into sugary existence, it’s followed by the thankfully less spandex-attired “We’re Gonna Rock All Night”, and to your dismay sound like dismal, off-color covers of Kix or Bullet Boys performed by very early Oz or Anvil. So, what’s your optimistic half doing with that length of rope and chair?

The only thing that remains fairly constant is the vocals of Steve Scott, possessing a roughness that runs the gamut of light (“I Found That Something in You”) and coarse (“Steel Warriors”), but is still out in the cold as far as desirability goes.

1.Steel Warriors05:02
2.Metal Forces03:39
3.I Found That Something In You04:31
4.We're Gonna Rock all Night03:52
Total playing time17:04

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