Friday, September 19, 2008

Blitzkrieg (UK) - Blitzed Alive (Demo) (224)

Line Up :

Brian Ross - Vocals
Mick Procter - Guitar
Jim Sirotto - Guitar
Mick Moore - Bass
Sean Taylor - Drums

Crowd noise was added to make it sound like more people were at the shows. This
lead to (false) rumors that the tape is not live. On A Time of Changes, crowd
noise from a Queen show was added to "Hell to Pay" as a joke on these rumors.

Review :

When this came out, it was by far the most brutal speed metal release yet. More so than Judas Priest's Rapid Fire, or any Motorhead, or even Venom for that matter. It had crushing riffs that only Fast as a Shark or Freewheel Burning would emulate, years later. The album versions of these songs somehow ended up far less heavy. The demo was recorded in November, 1980, in a studio, with crowd noise later added - it is next to impossible to find, especially with good sound quality.

Is it any good? Of course it is... the songs are similar to what would appear on the later release "A Time of Changes", but played with enough intensity to make No Sleep 'til Hammersmith sound like a fucking Lacuna Coil album. Stuff like "Inferno" and of course "Blitzkrieg" would cause loss of pantsage in such poseurs as Lars Ulrich for years to come...

Like the first Artillery demo, this recording is completely forgotten, due to it not being available in good quality, but by god this is indispensable!!

2.Take a Look Around04:25
5.Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)03:55
Total playing time29:49

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