Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stellar Seed - The Godz of Man (Demo) (192)

line-up :

Vocals : John Cyriis (aka Max Havlock, Max Kobol, John Camps) (Agent Steel, Abattoir (US), Black Reign (US), Pontius Prophet, Sceptre (US), Malfeitor, Lemegeton, Vermin (US))
Guitars : Shuichi Oni (S.E.T.I.)

One track demo released on CD.

''Trilogy of The Stellar Cult : (Vehicle 1) Xerpion Particle Storm'' was the supposed first title of the Stellar Seed album trilogy, but there are many news about Cyriis disbanding the project and so the future of Stellar Seed remains a mistery.

Review :

In the year 2002, Mr. Cyriis re-appeared to the scene after he dissapeared for almost a decade. Rumours were that he was abducted by the aliens, that he was hiding from god knows who and what, that he died...but no one exactly knew where he was and what he was up to. However, after being involved with many projects that never released anything more than a demo, he, together with a rather unknown Japanese guitarist Shuichi Oni, returned to the scene with a new thing called Stellar Seed. He launched a new Official Site which had a promo (live) recording of their new song called Godz Of Man that was available for download some time ago, but now the site is no more on the internet. Stellar Seed were planning on releasing a Trilogy called: ''Trilogy of The Stellar Cult'', and the first part ''Vehicle 1 - Xerpion Particle Storm'' was supposed to be released in fall of 2003, but as the latest news tell, Stellar Seed is no longer active and the whole thing will probably never see the light of day. Shuichi Oni is involved in a new project called S.E.T.I. and nothing is certain for John Cyriis.

However let's focus on the song now. ''The Godz Of Man'' is definetily something unique, what I've never heard before. The song starts off with some quiet strange alien vocies in the background and soon the guitars begin their, pretty cool riff that goes on through almost the whole song. In about 15 seconds or so the drums kick in and besides them, some eerie wailing effects probably created by Cyriis' voice. The whole song is fast-paced with altogether rather unispired riffs and the production is overpowered by plenty of sinth effects that create a really eerie atmosphere. The mastermind - Cyriis sounds like he's being abducted by aliens. He doesn't exactly sing much but he mostly recites lyrics but also does some really high shrieks, I could say that he still sounds like back in the old days, but he just doesn't have the same the same vocal interests anymore, at least I got this kind of impression listening this song. It's really hard to say what kind of genre Stellar Seed play...I would say it sounds like some new age/thrash, but in other words: This is really more like a prayer to the Extra-Terresials with a metal background. The sound is pretty okay for a demo, but the guitars ruin it all with their ''bumble-bee'' sound, otherwise it's fine.
This would definitely be a very interesting and inovative new thing on the metal scene, but unfortunatelly some time ago Stellar Seed called it quits and now we can only wait for Mr. Cyriis to reappear once again.

1.The Godz of Man04:31
Total playing time04:31

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