Friday, September 19, 2008

Blitzkrieg (UK) - Ten Years of Blitzkrieg (Ep) (128)

Line Up :

Brian Ross - Vocals
Tony J. Liddle - Guitar
Glenn S. Howes - Guitar
Glen Carey - Bass
Gary Young - Drums

Review :

This E.P features 2 songs from 1981 and 3 recently recorded in 1991. “Blitzkrieg” the self-titled first track is played 5 times faster than the original recording in 1985 and is nonetheless speed/power metal at its best. I very much prefer this version to many others I’ve heard from them. The bridge /semi-solo towards the end of the song is played differently but in a similar melody like the original version.
“Buried Alive” is also played much faster than the 1981 demo version, and for those who aren’t aware, the song is actually a re-write of the 1973 tune "Hocus Pocus" by Focus.
“Night Howl” opens with a jazzy bass line overshadowed by a mellow riff, lead by a solo break. As always Brians vocals are spot on yet after listening to the first 2 tracks you cant help but feel a little let down by the speed of the track. Perhaps positioning of the track may be the downer in this particular case.
“The sentinel” has an interesting medevil intro followed by a solo, once the drums kick in it starts to sound like a Maiden track. All the more interesting ofcourse, perhaps a slight Maiden influence over the years.
Finally “Nocturnal vision” has a gut renching drum roll that gives the song a double bass kick. Unfortunatly due to past feats, tight tracks produced and the influenes formed by none other than Metallica, the last 3 tracks are nothing inspirational yet are an indication that the future is and always will be bright for the NWOBHM kings.

2.Buried Alive02:43
3.Night Howl03:32
4.The Sentinel06:42
5.Nocturnal Vision05:36
Total playing time21:43

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