Thursday, September 4, 2008

Metallica - Ron McGovney's '82 Garage (Demo) (160)

Line Up :

James Hetfield-Vocals/Guitar
Dave Mustaine-Guitar
Ron Mcgovney-Bass
Lars Ulrich-Drums

Review :

When listening to this demo, you get the feeling that this band had a lot of potential and surley they had a promising future. It's clear that this demo had been recorded during a rehearsal in a garage, the sound quality is pretty low, there is an obscure feeling on all the instruments, but you still can listen to the music and really hear it. There was a lot of energy when they recorded this demo, but the cheap sound just totally buried it.

So what we got here is three original songs (I've also got 'Mechanix' on my version) and six covers of NWOBHM bands. The covers are pretty catchy and intense, here you can check out from what Metallica started and what was their inspiration for their own material. 'Killing Time' and 'The Prince' are the best covers here, they have the catchiest riffing and the most rock'n'roll feeling, the bass is also pretty noticeable in 'The Prince', athwart the most of the tracks here.

The original songs are done pretty well, but not as they will be in future demos or 'Kill Em' All'. in 'Jump In The Fire' the guitar sounds a bit out of tuned, or it was too much vibrated. The first solo at the intro is also missing, but it's forgettable. It also played at a bit slower tempo than the final version of it, but you know, it sounds pretty intense at all. The riffing is catchy, the lead guitar doing a short but pretty piercing solo and the vocals...well, they often vanished under all the instruments, and they aren't harsh as they will be. James had a bit higher tone here and he sounds like trying to sing in a NWOBHM style, but when you get used to it, it won't sound too much irritating.

Overall it's sound decent for a garage demo, and while it isn't essential as their upcoming demos, you still can enjoy from it. Get it if you wanna listen to the first steps of one of the most important bands in the 80's.

1.Hit The Lights04:19[view lyrics]
2.Jump In The Fire04:25[view lyrics]
3.Killing Time (Sweet Savage cover)02:36[view lyrics]
4.Let It Loose (Savage cover)03:10[view lyrics]
5.Sucking My Love (Diamond Head cover)06:43[view lyrics]
6.The Prince (Diamond Head cover)05:00[view lyrics]
7.Am I Evil? (Diamond Head cover)07:43[view lyrics]
8.Helpless (Diamond Head cover)06:13[view lyrics]
Total playing time44:37

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