Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paradise Lost - Paradise Lost (Demo) (192)


Nick Holmes - Vocals
Gregor Mackintosh - Lead guitar
Aaron Aedy - Rhythm guitar
Stephen Edmondson - Bass
Matthew Archer - Drums

Different than the album released with the same name.

1.Drown in Darkness04:35
2.Internal Torment02:03[view lyrics]
3.Morbid Existence02:58
Total playing time09:36

Download Link

Pass : http://demo-series.blogspot.com/

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Nickthrone said...

none of these work. the patch phraze doesn't working

Desmond Kind said...

its working fine man. you have an old version of winrar thats why the pass doesnt work. cheers

Nickthrone said...
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Nickthrone said...

it's cool. i got it from some other blog. do you have the PAINS OF DESOLATION demo 1989 LIVE LIVERPOOL