Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thunder Way - The Order Executors (Demo) (128)

line-up :

Elton Deda - Vocals (Aneroid)
Bledar Seiko - Guitar
Artan Xheladini - Guitar
Alban Laro - Keyboards
Mit'hat Laro - Bass
Roland Fusha - Drums

Recorded in Skopje, FYROM.
Limited to 1000 copies.
1.Nothing Else to Try05:29[view lyrics]
2.The Order Executors06:10
3.The Last Warrior04:10
4.Unexpected Sufferings05:56
5.Dancing with Beasts03:50
6.The Devil's Rule07:40
7.Crimes With Prepensation08:48
8.Victims of Confusion05:30[view lyrics]
9.Future Punishments06:07
Total playing time53:40

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Pass :

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Anonymous said...

Apparently the file isn't working or the .rar is corrupt, I'd really lie to hear this if you could get a working version...

Desmond Kind said...

The pw is ok so try to download a newer version of winrar.