Monday, September 29, 2008

Solar Eagle - Solar Eagle (Ep) (320)

line-up :

Smash - Vocals
The Axe - Guitars
Pinocchio - Bass
Rob - Drums

Review :

One of the first things that strike you when listening to this EP are the odd vocals. High and of the same vocal effect as John Cyriis of Agent Steel, with drawn out notes, and often recorded twice on different tracks.

The tracktitles betray the spacy content. This isn't spacy in the line of mesmerizing/trippy, but rather in the odd songstructures. There aren't any really speedy parts, just slower parts that slowly shift into gear and back again. And then there are the overlaid melodies (oft from the vocals recorded over eachother).

The guitarsound is weird, subdued but very present, but I'm wondering if that isn't just the mp3-quality.

Not entirely my cup of tea, but I like it because it stands out. This EP has the odd atmosphere going for it the strongest.

2.Dimensional Charter07:05
3.Tree of Snakes04:27
4.Lost Season05:56
Total playing time21:02

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