Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Evil (Dnk) - Evil's Message (Ep) (320)

line up:

Pearl Angel -vocals
Pete Hurricane - guitar
Kim Xmas - guitar , bass
Freddie Wolf - drums

Review :

Evil was a highly infectious little Heavy Metal outfit in the Mercyful Fate/Iron Maiden/Omen vein with some rough and ready vocals (no falsettos here, kids!) to seal the deal. They sadly never released any full length albums, but at least they left us with this cool little EP before they fizzled out into nothing. Their formula is pretty straightforward, and very reminiscent of their countrymen Mercyful Fate, except without the infamous King Diamond on vocals. In fact, Pearl Angel's charismatic midranged snarl reminds me a lot of the late J.D. Kimball of Omen fame, and although his vocal lines aren't the best, you get used to it and enjoy the hell out of this anyway. The riffs here remind of classic bands like Omen or Iron Maiden, or even Helstar at times, while the solos veer over into Mercyful Fate territory. This is purely back-to-basics, riff-driven heavy metal with no frills or gimmicks at all, and if you enjoy that sort of thing, you'll like this.

The title track is an instrumental riff-storm that serves as sort of an extended intro to "Evil", which is a solid little rocker with a headbanging main riff and some throaty growling on the chorus. They're not extremely menacing, but this was 1984, so it's perfectly excusable, and the song overall is enjoyable. "The Devil Wants Me" is a much stronger tune, with some cool speed metal shredding and a stronger chorus, spat out with energy and conviction. "Son of the Bitch," while slightly weaker, is still a rocking tune that isn't worth skipping in the least. The real gem here, though, is "Take Good Care (Of Your Balls)", a true winner in every sense. Kicking off with probably the best riff on here, it explodes into a tried-and-true Heavy Metal classic with razor-sharp claws and teeth. When Pearl Angel venomously spits out the titular lines, you will either be a fan of Evil, or you will never get them. Fantastic song, and worth the whole EP by itself.

If you're a fan of classic, headbanging, fist-pumping 80s heavy metal, then you needed this yesterday. It might be tough to track down, but it's definitely worth it. Recommended.

1.Evil's Message02:45
3.The Devil Wants Me03:03
4.Son of the Bitch05:52
5.Take Good Care (Of Your Balls)05:46
Total playing time21:31

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