Monday, October 6, 2008

Thy Majestie - Echoes of War (Ep) (320)


Dario Grillo - vocals
Giovanni Santini - guitar
Maurizio Malta - guitar
Dario D'Allesandrio - bass
Giuseppe Bondi - keyboards
Claudio Diprima - drums

Review :

Echoes of War was originally an EP, but then made into an MCD. Here we have four songs making a very short MCD for only 15 minutes. However, the song alone 'In God We Trust' (a Stryper Cover) makes this album worth all the money, and i'm not just saying this because i'm a big Stryper fan. As the MCD states it was only released as a bonus track for the Japenese version of Hastings 1066. Anyway it is truly a fantastic epic power metal song, with great progressive and medieval influence and the use of a chior to add to the feel of Saxon England. The other songs are good but not as good as this, Echoes of war is just taken from Hastings 1066, even though it's a great song it really has no real purpose for this MCD other then to make it longer. Anyway the 2 other songs are rare 'brasilian versions' of Thy Majestie's debut 'The Lasting Power'. Hywelbane is a 1 minute instrumental/atmopsheric song that prepares us for Facing the beast which is another fantastic epic hymn in the typical vein of Thy Majestie's Progressive/Power metal sound. Overall 92/100.

1.Echoes of War05:56
2.In God We Trust (Stryper cover)03:39[view lyrics]
4.Facing the Beast05:26
Total playing time16:01

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