Friday, August 29, 2008

Metallica - Ride the Lightning (Demo) (320)

Line Up :

Kirk Hammett : Lead guitars
James Hetfield : Guitar, vocals
Cliff Burton : Bass
Lars Ulrich : Drums

"When Hell Freezes Over" was later retitled "The Call of Ktulu".

Review :

After the release of the famous Kill 'em All debut from Metallica, they recorded this demo, Ride the Lightning. Ride the Lightning is by far one of the best of Metallica albums, and on this demo you will be pleased to hear the infancy of song of the material. Musically, the album is similar for the most part. There are some parts I recognized that were different from the album, Ride the Lightning, but overall it's pretty similar compositionwise.

This demo features 4 early versions of some of the most popular songs from Lightning: Fight Fire With Fire, Ride the Lightning, Creeping Death, and When Hell Freezes Over (Later titled The Call of Ktulu) in the immature form. Some of the differences noticed on this demo though are the production and vocals. In the production matters of this demo, it's pretty raw and sloppy. Not as polished as the later releases of Metallica, but still very well production, especially for a demo tape.

The vocals on this release are very different from what you hear on the Ride the Lightning album itself. Sometimes can get annoying as well. You can tell that James didn't polish his vocals on this demo due to the very weak delivery through this demo. Probably one of the most horrid experiences is hearing his attempt at screaming on this release.

The guitars and drums on this release sound fucking great when raw. When these songs are played raw like on this recording, you can tell how special these songs are. In some cases the intros (Especially on Creeping Death and Ride the Lightning) sound even better on this demo version with the raw sound. The harmonics feel even more power fun throughout this release with the difference in production. Giving the demo much more life.

Overall this is a really good demo to pick up if you can find it. Shows a rawer version of the famous ride the lightning demo and definately worth a good listen or two if you can find it.

1.Fight Fire with Fire04:44[view lyrics]
2.Ride the Lightning06:23[view lyrics]
3.Creeping Death06:50[view lyrics]
4.When Hell Freezes Over08:16[view lyrics]
Total playing time26:13

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