Friday, August 29, 2008

Darkthrone - Thulcandra (Demo) (192)


Ivar - Guitar
Ted - Guitar
Dag - Bass
Gylve (Fenriz) - Battery

This demo also apears on the Mayhem/Darkthrone split bootleg cd.

Review :

Evil, Dark, Grim. Thoes are the 3 essential words for describing this demo. Very nice and raw guitar riffs, the drum beats are coordinating with the music, the instruments are really spreading an evil and raw attitude, very good blast beats, althought the vocals are very black-ish, they turn to be more like death vocals in this demo.You really enjoy the music, the sound is not that good but the quality of the songs are good and interesting to hear...

2.Thulcandra05:48[view lyrics]
3.Archipelago04:53[view lyrics]
Total playing time14:26

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